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La Micromed is a company that has been in the vitreoretinal surgery business for the longest time, in Italy and around the world. For the past 15 years he has been at the third quality certification and was the first company to design and manufacture automated pneumatic systems for the infusion of viscous and viscoelastic substances, and medical devices consisting of endotamponant gases single-use canisters both pure and mixed.


La Micromed s.r.l., a leading company in the development of the ophthalmic technology, was founded in Rome in 1986 by Eng. Manfredi Orciuolo, and began its activity in the field of Construction of instruments for diagnostic surgery in ophthalmology, as well as in the Design and construction of electronic equipment and in their marketing.


In 1998 the company began the design and production of medical devices, particularly for ophthalmic use, and implemented its Quality System in compliance with ISO 9003 and EN 46002 standards to bring its production in line with the regulations imposed by EEC Directive 93/42.


In the years 2000-2009 Micromed s.r.l. applies the new standards: UNI EN ISO 9000:2000 Vision: according to Leg. 46/97, transposition of Dir. 93/42 EEC (Annex V) concerning medical devices.
UNI CEI EN ISO 14971/2012: Application of risk management to medical devices.
Keeping its production and Quality system in line with the latest regulations and obtaining the respective certifications.


Thanks to the adaptation of the Quality System and production process to the EEC Directive 93/42, in 2002 Micromed S.r.l. obtained the first CE certification for manufactured medical devices .


In 2019, the handover of Corporate Management to Dr. Roberto Orciuolo takes place and the company obtains its first UNI CEI EN ISO 13485/2012 certification:

Medical Devices – Quality System Management through the implementation of its own Quality System.


In 2023 Micromed S.r.l. is among the first Italian companies to obtain, from the Notified Body Istituto Superiore di Sanità, CE certification of devices in accordance with the New European MDR (Medical Device Regulation) 745/2017.

In the same year, the three-year UNI CEI EN ISO 13485/2012 certification was renewed, ensuring that high quality standards are maintained.


Dr. Roberto Orciuolo

Dr. Roberto Orciuolo

Sole Administrator

E-mail: r.orciuolo@micromed.it

Valeria Petrich

Valeria Petrich

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Manager

Carlos Sanchez

Carlos Sanchez

Purchasing and warehouse manager

Simone Melandri

Simone Melandri

Sales manager

Gianluigi Becherini

Gianluigi Becherini

Production manager

Enzo Leonardi

Enzo Leonardi

Administrative and financial manager




he moving farewell of colleagues and friends to Eng. Manfredi Orciuolo, who was director of the bioengineering service at the Bietti Foundation, who passed away a few days ago

“There are unrepeatable encounters. Thus, when one sad morning we were notified that Eng. Orciuolo would not be with us in the operating room due to a serious vascular accident I realized that many things in our community would change.
Manfredi had a great technical background and above all a lively intelligence that led him to solve problems that were also outside his professional sphere. Gifted with incredible pliability, he had ranged between the CNR Laboratory of Astrophysics in Frascati and the Chair of Electronic Measurements at the University of Rome to arrive at what would, later on, become the main interest of his life: the founding of a research and development laboratory at a leading industry producing surgical and diagnostic devices for ophthalmology.
And, indeed, in this capacity I met him around the early 1980s. He had come to show me a device for vitrectomy surgeries.
He arranged himself with me at the microscope and, at the time, I could not imagine that he would stay there until that sad morning in 2017. Manfredi during surgery observed the difficulties arising in different pathological conditions and, after a few days, proposed a new instrumental solution.
This combination constituted for me a privilege envied by many surgeons who frequently asked me to take advantage of his ideas. The first was Robert Machemer originator of the closed-eye vitrectomy. We considered this request an honor for our group, and Manfredi moved to Duke University for a short time.
At that time I realized, for the first time, how much my surgery had become conditional on the presence of my intelligent collaborator.
His friendly attitude made him available to anyone who posed a problem to him that was also outside our subject matter.
This made him a beloved figure to those who knew him. We miss his presence very much, but on Friday morning a beautiful photograph placed on the altar brought us back for a few moments to the times spent with him happily.”
Mario Stirpe, President of IRCCS Bietti Foundation

“Caustic, witty, dry and easygoing. A lively intelligence, a total identity between knowledge and know-how.
Understanding the problem and finding the solution. Designer and craftsman together.
We guys have passed every even vaguely technological idea through the unyielding scrutiny of your censorship or approval. Always instantaneous and dazzling.
Thanks to you we have learned and most importantly touched and seen with our own eyes that medicine, surgery, science, technology love, genius (and unruliness, really) can, indeed, must find a point of synthesis.
You will continue to electrocute or approve extravagant or promising ideas from our hearts.”
Dr. Tommaso RossiDirector Operating Unit Complex Structure of Ophthalmology – IRCCS Ospedale Policlinico San Martino, Genoa

“I am personally very saddened by the passing of Eng. Orciuolo, given the many years we spent together in the operating room with him and Prof. Stirpe.”
Prof. Peter Rossi

“Outgoing and brilliant person. You will be missed by all of St. Dominic and the Givre.”
Marco Pileri

“Thank you.”
Mario Romano

“I am very sorry. He was for all of us a reference point and a great Friend.”
Guido Lesnoni

“I, too, knew him from Prof. Stirpe. His intelligence, vivacity and friendliness made him valuable and dear to those who knew him. In him Italian vitrectomy found a tireless ‘technological promoter’ within Prof. Stirpe’s group.”
Roberto Ratiglia

“My recollection is from years ago when Givre was not yet established and there were meetings of vitreous surgeons attended by Stirpe; these were the initial years of the use of silicone and Orciuolo participated with learned technological presentations. Unfortunately, we are not immortal, but it always saddens to lose a reference. I, too, remember with fondness his person when we used to discuss at Monza Hospital what could be the improvements in vitreoretinal surgery and vitreous substitutes ( we are talking about the 1980s). Time often passes too quickly.”
Paul Harp

“I learned the sad news today that Eng. Manfredi Orciuolo, with whom I was able to collaborate during my time in Rome, passed away. He was a brilliant person, among the first Italian and foreign researchers who devoted their lives to the study of instrumentation for vitreo-retinal surgery. I particularly remember the development of a pneumatic pump for the introduction and removal of silicone oil, which we used in the 1980s at Policlinico Gemelli. I still use a signature Orciuolo cryo in my operating room today. Thank you Manfredi for what you have given to Italian ophthalmology.”
Marco Borgioli

“Orciuolo I remember him with feelings of esteem. More than once he had come to Monza to present his technical achievements for vitreoretinal surgery. He was definitely a brilliant person and an enthusiast. That was 40 years ago.”
Stephen Zenoni